Ahold Delhaize

Protecting customer data with a human firewall

Creating global behavioural change in Ahold Delhaize employees

Client Challenge

Making cyber security a daily priority

In a busy working day cyber security gets forgotten, especially in a big, multi-brand and internationally structured business. However, the impact of a breach could be very damaging.

Moment of Clarity

90% of data breaches are down to human error

So improving cyber security requires widespread behavioural change in employees. Changing employee behaviour reduces the risk of a security breach from 70% to 45% . (Source: Aberdeen Group).



After extensive research it was clear that employees at Ahold Delhaize really cared about their customers. So Clarity designed a campaign to make them care as much about customer data, as they do about the customers themselves. How? By humanising data. Clarity created Bert and Zoe, the ambassadors of cyber security. These two characters were introduced to 370,000 employees across the globe at roadshows, Cyber Security Days and through digital amplification, gamification and printed material.


Increase in employee engagement in cyber security
Clarity’s campaign transformed cyber security from being a subject which turned-off many employees, to one where they now actively seek out our communications and events. And Burt and Zoe are now a key part of the Ahold Delhaize global brand guidelines and the campaign is refreshed each year.

Clarity is a perfect fit for Ahold Delhaize. They have delivered on our promises and I’m eager to see what the future holds. I enjoy working with the team and consider them a very trusted and reliable business partner.

Information Security Manager
Adhold Delhaize


An information security communications award for the programme Best Integrated Campaign
Cyber Security – Greece