Making people passionate about Prezzo

Helping to turn Prezzo into the home of classic Italian food

Client Challenge

Turn Prezzo from being so-so, to ‘Let’s Go’

Prezzo was perceived as being no different to every other high street Italian chain and was in danger of becoming a casualty of the Casual Dining decline. Clarity started working with Prezzo shortly after they had bought a refreshed brand approach from a leading London branding agency. Our initial remit was to implement the new brand across all customer touchpoints.

Moment of Clarity

Spending time together is great

Working closely with the Prezzo marketing team, becoming part of the ‘Prezzo family’ enabled us to gain real insights into their business and audiences. Living and breathing the Prezzo brand and understanding their vision, values and audiences, combined with expertise within Clarity became a winning combination. In fact this ‘togetherness’ directly influenced our creative solutions for the brand.


Let’s get together this summer

It soon became clear the branding agency’s suggested proposition and creative solution wasn’t right for Prezzo’s customers at that time.. Instead Clarity organically developed a more vibrant and visually inspiring identity to give Prezzo stand out and a point of difference. We concentrated on appetising food and drink photography, developed a friendly tone of voice, rooted in the Italian spirit which was more appropriate for their audience. This combined, helped to celebrate both eating, and getting together to enjoy pasta, pizza, vino.


No 2
on the CGA Peach Tracker
Rise in brand consideration score
With a communications style that restaurant teams now feel proud of, we have started to build towards Prezzo’s goal of becoming the high street’s best loved Italian restaurant – the Home of Italian Classics. The client’s goal was to increase brand consideration to 35%. After just 8 months Prezzo’s scores have risen by 7% to 32%. In February 2020 Prezzo was No 2 on the CGA Peach Tracker, the definitive tracker of hospitality business health.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of our new menu designs. The creative execution for this campaign successfully communicates the sentiment and messaging of our summer campaign. Throughout the past few projects with Clarity, they have not only shown great understanding of our briefs, but have also helped establish a consistent brand style, which now runs through all of our communication channels.”

Marie Neocleous
Brand Manager