Making Costa more than coffee

Expanding the Costa offering to include fresh, healthy food

Client Challenge

Introduce Costa food to Costa coffee lovers

In highly saturated markets competitors often copy aspects of each others brands to erode a rival’s point of difference. Brands like Costa need to stay fresh through innovation and new ideas. Costa’s challenge was to incorporate a food proposition into their London coffee shops. Although not the incumbent agency, Clarity was asked to help with the positioning for this task.

Moment of Clarity

Costa coffee and a muffin?

People wanted to buy their coffee from the Nation’s Favourite coffee brand, but they didn’t necessarily want to eat there. To compete with London eateries and persuade people to buy their breakfast, lunch or evening meal at Costa, we had to break away from idea of ‘a Costa coffee and a muffin’ and get people to realise they could buy fresh, healthier food, like made-to-order ciabattas, salads and even hot meals with their coffee.


Fresh food to go with fresh Costa coffee

We worked with the Costa innovation team to launch their new food-led flagship stores in London by creating a new proposition based around the feeling of freshness. We reviewed in-store space planning, to push people past the food fridges and deli counters. We worked with architects to redesign interiors with a fresher more vibrant feel, using seating and table styles to maximise throughput. Finally, we created a series of campaigns persuading people to re-evaluate the coffee drinking moment to include fresh and satisfyingly healthy food-to-go.


UK coffee chain ranking (Feb 2019
new look sites were piloted
3 new look sites were piloted and the food range has since become a staple of the Costa experience. Costa retained their No1 UK coffee chain ranking (Feb 2019)

‘The proposition work was  really well received. I believe that’s because of all the detail you guys put in to get us to that meeting. A big thank you. Can’t wait to see it in store!!!’

Katrina Lawson
Head of Marketing, Food Innovation