Giving the Beefeater brand a makeover

Helping a famous brand survive a midlife crisis

Client Challenge

Revitalise a tired brand

The Beefeater team at Whitbread approached us to work with them to evolve their 46 year old brand. It was time to update the tired branding and to give Beefeater a new lease of life.

Moment of Clarity

It’s all about the steak

The client was keen to keep their steak expertise at the heart of the brand, while recognising people came to a Beefeater for many different reasons and occasions. So we married their great steaks with the functional and emotional benefits of the eating experience to create a proposition of Serious. Enjoyment.


Good times should be well done. Not rare.

During an intense 2 month process of creative workshops, consumer analysis, and focus group testing, we worked closely with the Marketing Director, Head of Innovation and Senior Brand Development Managers to create the Beefeater brand for today’s consumers. Together we repositioned Beefeater as ‘The Grill for Good Times’, a place to come together to enjoy great food. As lead agency we developed refreshed restaurant interiors, a new brand creative for the Beefeater digital ecosystem, and a full suite of printed material for the entire customer journey.


said they are more likely to visit a Beefeater based on the new branding.
increase in people who associated Beefeater with quality, based on the new branding
In a survey of people who are not Beefeater guests 70% agreed that the new branding shows Beefeater as a place to come together and enjoy great food, which is the central brand proposition. The new creative work successfully drives more positivity towards the brand and purchase intent – (quote from research document outtakes)

“Been a pleasure working with you and the rest of the team. The effort from everyone over the last couple of weeks has been nothing short of super human!”

Senior Brand Development & Marketing Manager
Will Klug