Premier Inn

Giving Premier Inn the moon and the stars

Revitalising an established brand

Client Challenge

Make Premier Inn the place to stay

Technology and globalization are changing how customers search for places to stay. Studies show that when Airbnb enters a city, 1.3% fewer hotel nights are booked and there is less ability to secure premium prices at peak periods. Customers were also misattributing Premier Inn to a close competitor that provided an inferior experience and was therefore damaging consumer perceptions of the Premier Inn brand.

Moment of Clarity

The cost of a nice hotel room shouldn’t keep you awake

Through extensive market mapping Clarity identified a gap in the market which Premier Inn could fill if the brand was reimagined. And the concept of a ‘premium budget’ hotel chain was unleashed onto a grateful public.


‘shhhh’ go to sleep

From creating the ‘moon and stars’ branding, the ‘shhh campaign’ and the goodnight guarantee, to designing the style of photography, the online presence, team engagement programmes and even the hotel interiors, Clarity has been central to the brand’s renewed success.


UK’s Best Budget Hotel at The British Travel Awards
Best Integrated Campaign – Hotel Marketing Association
Best Hotel Brochure – Hotel Marketing Association
Premier Inn has become the largest (Statista 2018) and Best Rated hotel brand in the UK (Which? Travel, 2017)