Ensuring growth doesn’t dilute Vagabond’s uniqueness

Formalising a brand for successful expansion

Client Challenge

Manage Vagabond’s growth spurt

Vagabond was founded with a vision to be the place where ordinary people could enjoy an impressive selection of over 100 great wines, by the glass and for a great price. Between 2014 and 2019 Vagabond was hugely successful and grew rapidly, attracting venture capital investment. Clarity’s task was to help supercharge their next stage of growth.

Moment of Clarity

Distilling what makes Vagabond special

Rapid expansion creates its own set of challenges, with more venues, more people to train and more moments to bring the brand to life. We needed to distil what it was that made Vagabond, Vagabond. Once we’d bottled this magic we could ensure the brand could be scaled up effectively, without losing its unique charm.


Carefully decanting Vagabond, so nothing gets spilt

During the brand immersion stage of ‘The Lens’ process, we examined the audience, their experience of the brand and the market context. These insights were used to develop an evolved brand framework and a book of brand guidelines to help the brand live and breathe at each moment of the customer journey, through the digital and in-venue experience.


Early signs point to a brand set for phenomenal success

As each site launch has been more effective than the last

Clarity’s insight process informed a brave new brand expression and creative framework to support our future growth ambitions.

Annah McKendry, Head of Marketing