A repositioning strategy for Volkswagen Financial Services

Giving car financing a jump-start

Client Challenge

Make buying a car as easy as shopping online

51% of UK consumers now prefer to shop online rather than in-store (EmpathyBroker Study 2018) and car buyers are no exception. They also increasingly expect to be able to get everything on demand. However the key challenge for VWFS was that 9 out of 10 car buyers are confused by the complicated jargon used in car financing options (Source: Zopa).

Moment of Clarity

Simplify car financing communication

Clarity spotted an opportunity for VWFS as an industry leader, to position the brand as the provider of simple, easy to understand car finance by using everyday language and giving their customers a more rewarding experience.


Car finance made simple

We held focus groups to understand people’s feelings about car finance – unsurprisingly they thought it was ‘dry and dull’. So the ‘Car Finance Made Simple’ programme was born. This was a light-hearted educational and jargon-busting campaign of animated videos featuring friendly characters to help consumers find the best car financing solutions for them.

Clarity exceed our expectations every time and there is always a ‘wow’ moment in terms of what we see – it’s always a 12 out of 10!

Dennis Foley, Head of Sales


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