The Future of Eating

We welcomed a diverse group of leading brands

We welcomed a diverse group of leading brands

On Thursday 5th March we welcomed a diverse group of leading brands in the dining and hospitality sector

To an exclusive event to launch our latest insight report – Success on a plate: The Future of Eating

Before wine-tasting courtesy of our client and venue host Vagabond, our Strategy and Planning Director Leigh Tymms gave an overview of the report. Designed to act as an everything you need to know type summary for event attendees, he started off by touching on the challenges facing the sector, from rising costs, to market saturation and economic uncertainly. Leigh then outlined the key trends that are emerging from this disruption, from the rise of delivery service and meal kit start-ups to macro shifts in consumer behaviour like emerging food tech and sustainability issues. 

He went on to explore the proprietary ‘lens’ methodology employed by Clarity to examine the reasons why some brands are flying in this climate while others fail, including the 30 data points the chosen brands – from Jamie’s Italian to Gusto to Deliveroo – were scored against and what the results showed. 

We were able to put the brands into four groups following the analysis – the ousted, the challenged mainstream, the front runner and the dominators. By exploring the reasons behind each brand’s position, we could pull out specific actionable insights all brands can employ, including strategies for both start-ups and scale-ups, established brands and investors to utilise with a view to impacting their market positions. 

If you’d like to learn more click here to request a copy of the report, or email me at if you’d like us to talk you through the findings and how they might apply to your brand.

Leigh’s talk was followed by our client Stephen Finch, founder of Vagabond. He took attendees through a history of the brand, including how it evolved and the innovative approaches to customer experience that have been so key to its rapid success. 

Finally, Creative Partner Jeremy Harvey lead a panel debate and roundtable discussion featuring Leigh alongside Sophie Events of Puttshack, Andrew Stones of Imbiba and Annah McKendry of Vagabond. As a specialist investor in the UK leisure and hospitality market Andrew had amazing insights to share with the room, from how and why Imbiba like to invest in brands that truly differentiate themselves, to the extent to which transformational businesses, from Deliveroo to Uber to We Work, are all being heavily subsided by private equity. 

He predicted a normalising of the delivery market from an investment standpoint, alongside a period of consolidation, but said the sector will continue to grow overall. He also argued Brexit will lead to a rise in labour costs that will in turn lead to growth in automation-led innovation concepts – in the not too distant future it will be robots, not people, flipping our pancakes. 

At that point we moved on to the wine tasting. If you’d like to be the first to hear about our next event please contact

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